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AccessWorld Reviews The Accessible iPod

October 15, 2009

The September issue of AccessWorld includes a review of Using the Accessible iPod, written by Deborah Kendrick. The review is detailed, and should give you a good idea what to expect from the book. I appreciate Deborah Kendrick’s and AccessWorld‘s willingness to review the book


iPod Shuffle Podcast

September 25, 2009

I recently produced a podcast demonstrating the third generation iPod Shuffle. It shows you how to do the following:

  • Operate all functions on the Shuffle.
  • Configure iTunes when you connect the Shuffle to a computer for the first time.
  • Sync music manually via cut and paste and Autofill.
  • Sync music and podcasts automatically.

The podcast was created on a Mac, but I provide Windows commands as well, so users of either operating system should find useful information here. If you use a larger iPod, the information on putting music and podcasts on the Shuffle is relevant. Though a new version of iTunes has come out since I recorded this podcast, most of the information is still accurate. The main difference is that if you use Windows and you press TAB while your iPod is connected and focus doesn’t move to the right place, try F6; that should work. Enjoy.

Cut and paste now Reorders iTunes Playlists

May 31, 2009

Apple has recently added the ability to change the order of tracks in an iTunes playlist using cut and paste. This works with any screen reader. Simply cut the track you want to move with CTRL+X and paste it where you want with CTRL+V. I’m delighted this feature has been implemented; I just wish Apple documented such improvements so people could start using them right away when they are introduced.

Accessible iPod Book now Available

May 29, 2009

I recently wrote a book about the new talking iPods for National Braille Press called Using the Accessible iPod, and it is now available in multiple formats. This book tells you how to get started with iTunes, and how to use every accessible feature on the fourth generation iPod Nano and any iPod Shuffle. There is a frequently asked questions section, as well as a section on how your iPod and iTunes organize music and how to fix tagging errors that make it hard to find the music you want. And a resources section at the back includes all websites mentioned in the book, plus sources for additional information. It costs US$15. Enjoy!