About this Blog

I have been writing technology books for National Braille Press for several years now. I enjoy doing it, but it seems that as soon as one is published, something new happens that I wish I could share with readers. So I am pleased to offer this blog to do just that.

If you would like to learn more about any of the books discussed on this blog, visit my author page at National Braille Press. Or you can order any of them by following the Order links on this blog. To find these links quickly with a screen reader, make a list of links, type O until you reach the book you’re interested in ordering, and then press Enter. Note that The iPod Experience is no longer available.

If you have purchased one of my books and would like to see only the posts relevant to that book, go to the Categories section and click the category with the same name as the book. The book categories are:

You can also read general information here, or visit my Profile to learn more about me.

I hope you enjoy the site.


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