Stream and Stream Companion Updates Released

At the end of March, HumanWare released updates for the Victor Reader Stream and the Stream Companion transfer software. New features of the Victor Stream include:

  • Search capability within text, BRF, and DAISY text files.
  • The ability to organize podcasts, music, audiobooks, and text files into folders and to navigate by file or by several levels of folders. This makes it easier to organize large SD cards.
  • The ability to make any folder a temporary playlist so that you can play all the music on a particular album, by a particular artist, or of a particular genre, depending on how you organize your music. When you select a folder as a temporary playlist, all subfolders are included. You can shuffle temporary playlists if you like.
  • The ability to create a text label for an SD card. The text label is spoken when you insert the card into your Stream to make it easy to identify.

The new version of Stream Companion, which has been renamed HumanWare Companion because it also works with the ClassMate Reader (basically a Victor Reader Stream with a screen), is easier to use than its predicessor. You can choose the part of the program you want (Talking Books, Notes, etc.) with hotkeys or from a menu rather than having to move between them with CTRL+TAB, you can append music to a previously created playlist, and you can find out how much space is available on your player at any time by reading the status line.

You can visit the documentation page to read release notes for the Stream software or HumanWare Companion, download tutorials, or try a new option called Stream Audio Clips, which are short MP3 files, each of which explains a particular Stream feature. I’m glad to see HumanWare continuing to create great training materials as well as excellent Stream updates.


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