Excellent Free Web Tutorial Available

Gene Asner has produced a wonderful Internet tutorial, available for free download from Accessible World. This tutorial is primarily audio, but it also includes some sample web pages to practice with. As he walks you through various types of web sites, he focuses on helping you to understand what you are encountering and to develop effective ways of moving around sites based on how they are organized. While a few things have changed since Gene created the tutorial, nearly everything he covers is still relevant. If you’re new to surfing the web, or you find it difficult to find the information you want when you visit websites, this tutorial should help. It’s an excellent follow-up to Braille.com and Beyond.

Gene also recently presented a tutorial on Tek Talk about Webvisum, an add-on for the firefox browser that helps blind people deal with CAPTCHA, among other things. You can read about and download the presentation here.


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