J-Tunes Version 4 Available

J-Tunes version 4 — which works with iTunes 8.0.1 and JAWS 8.0, 9.0, and 10.0 beta — is available for download from the J-Tunes page on the T&T Consultancy website. You can download a demo from this page, and can find information about where to purchase the scripts (this varies depending on which country you live in). The update is free to people who own J-Tunes 3.

J-Tunes adds considerable accessibility to iTunes including:

  • The ability to find out quickly where you are in itunes and move to a specific section with a single keystroke.
  • The ability to change the order of playlists.
  • Enough information to use the Preferences and get Info dialog boxes effectively.
  • The ability to move through tracks without hearing a lot of extraneous information.
  • The ability to use the iTunes browser, which lets you explore your music collection by genre, artist, and album.
  • The ability to move to information about iPods, such as Summary or Music, from a vertical list; this is true of the iPod Shuffle as well as larger iPods.
  • The ability to put information into the virtual viewer, such as iPod Summary or the name of a track and artist.
  • Excellent context-sensitive help and documentation.

See the What’s New document for more information. Way to go, T&T Consultancy!


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