New Multimedia Features in Braille and Voice Sense

Over the summer, GW Micro released a new version of the Braille Sense called the Braille Sense Plus. Its media playing capabilities are similar to those of the Voice Sense, except that it can record in MP3 as well as WAV format.

GW Micro has added new multimedia capabilities to both the Braille and Voice sense. they include:

  • The ability to play Format 4 Audible books.
  • The ability to speed up audio files without changing the pitch.
  • The ability to make files over a user-specified length save your place. This is a particularly innovative feature, since in most cases, it should allow you to save your place in audiobooks and podcasts, but start each song at the beginning.

The Braille Sense Plus also includes 8 GB of memory, so it can hold a large book and music collection. It’s great to have these sorts of media playing capabilities in a notetaker.


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