Victor stream adds Braille, Podcast, and WMA Support

Earlier this summer, Humanware released an update to the Victor Reader Stream that includes several great features:

  • The Stream can now read braille files, including contracted braille, UEB, and several other languages. No translation is necessary; you just tell the Stream what sort of braille it is through the Configuration menu and load the files, and the Stream reads them.
  • Podcasts are easier to listen to. If you put them in the new $VRPodcasts folder, each episode is treated as a separate book even if it’s in a folder with other episodes of the same podcast. That means your place is kept in each one, and you can delete individual episodes instead of having to delete the whole folder.
  • Unprotected WMA is now supported. Protected WMA — the kind used by Unabridged, some state library systems, and Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic — is not, however.
  • Stream Companion, software that provides an easy interface for transferring material to the Stream, has been improved. If you download audiobooks from the NLS pilot project or any other service that delivers content as zip files, it lets you transfer them to the Stream without unzipping them first. It also lets you select music files and add them to a playlist. You can’t reorder the playlist, but at least you can create one.

You can read more about the new features here.


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