CDBaby Sells Downloadable Albums

I was excited to discover recently that CDBaby, which has been a good source for independent music on CD for quite a while and sends out the most amusing order acknowledgments I’ve ever seen, now offers some of its music as digital downloads. As with eMusic and Amazon’s MP3 store, the music is in MP3 format and no digital rights management is used, so you can easily play the music you download on any MP3 player. The sound quality is excellent. Only complete albums are sold; you can’t download individual tracks. Album prices are set by the artists, so they vary widely. Some nice features of this service are:

  • Each album comes with a text file that includes a track list and other useful information about the album.
  • You can download any album you buy as often as you like, so if something happens to your hard drive, you haven’t lost your music.
  • The artist gets 90% of the purchase price.

It’s wonderful that CDBaby has added this option to their already great site.


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