Icon and Icon Braille+ now Play NLS Books and Serotek Content; Audible Support Imminent

LevelStar and APH released an update to the Icon and Icon Braille+ earlier this week that includes a variety of useful new features. The ones related to playing books and music include the following:

  • If you are a patron of one of the National Library Service regional libraries in the U.S. and have a high-speed Internet connection, you can now authorize these players to play NLS books. The process is similar to that used for registering the Victor Reader Stream, as described in A Pocketful of Sound, except that you don’t have to enter your unit’s serial number on a website or manually download an authorization key and copy it to your Icon or Braille+. Instead, you use the Check for Updates feature to download and install the key once it’s available. You can download and unzip NLS books using your unit’s web browser and bookshelf features, and you can use all DAISY navigation levels provided in the book, move by various time increments, and set bookmarks.
  • If you are a System Access Mobile Network subscriber, you can download most content on that network, including described movies, to your Icon or Braille+, just as you can with a victor Reader Stream. See my previous post for more information.
  • The Icon and Braille+should be able to play books from Audible.com within a few weeks.
  • The music player can play FLAC files.
  • In addition to browsing and sorting tracks in the music player based on their ID3 tags, you can now view them using the file structure you created when copying music to the Icon. This should make it easier to find files with bad or nonexistent tags.
  • You can speed up any audio on the Icon or Braille+, but you can’t slow it below normal speed.

Updating to version 1.1 is a three-step process that includes registering your unit with either LevelStar or APH, depending on the unit. Registering is important if you want to play protected formats such as NLS books.


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