SA Mobile Network Content Plays on victor Reader Stream

If you subscribe to Serotek’s System Access Mobile Network, you can play almost any content from that network on a Victor reader Stream running version 1.2. This includes described movies, radio shows, podcasts, e-mail messages, blog posts, and more. All you need is a PC running System Access – either installed on the PC or via a thumb drive – or the web-based SA To Go screen reader. Step-by-step instructions and audio demonstrations are available.

One particularly refreshing aspect of this service is that though your Stream must be authorized to play the protected content on the SA Mobile Network, you don’t have to do anything to authorize it. Authorization is handled completely automatically, so that the only indication you have that it’s happening is an occasional “Book key processed” message. If your Stream isn’t running version 1.2 when you attempt to use it with the SA Mobile Network for the first time, the network updates it automatically as well. It is wonderful to have these usually tedious processes handled so gracefully. Serotek is to be congratulated.

Version 1.2 of the Stream includes some other nice features as well.

  • Transfer time is significantly faster than in earlier versions, so that while a card reader is still faster, it is no longer required when transferring large files.
  • Speaker volume has been boosted. While it’s not loud enough to be useful in a noisy environment, you can listen to books or music without headphones in many more situations than was possible before.
  • You can adjust the bass and treble of music files. While the adjustment is slight, it can make a difference in the sound of your music.
  • More text-to-speech voices and languages are available. If you want to switch among the English voices, you have to run the update that uses the language you want. If you have a non-English voice on your Stream, however, you can switch between it and the English voice by holding down key 7 for several seconds.

In short, this is a particularly useful Stream update.


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