Internet-Related Tutorials Available from Chris Judd

Chris Judd has created eleven tutorials, many of which relate directly to using the Web. These include tutorials about eBay, Paypal, downloadable accessible games, Outlook Express, navigating specific complex websites, and more. Each tutorial costs $8, but there are price breaks if you order more than 3. Tutorials can be mailed to you on CD, or e-mailed to you as MP3 files.

I listened to a sample of one of the accessible games tutorials. It was done in an informal style; I listened as Chris tried his luck at some slot machines and Blackjack. There was enough detail to get me started, and he played the games long enough to give me a good sense of what it might be like to play them.

Unfortunately, Chris doesn’t have a website, but if you’d like more information, feel free to contact him via e-mail.


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