New iPod Shuffle Released

On Tuesday Apple announced the release of a new iPod Shuffle, as well as a new iPod Nano and Video. These products are supposed to start shipping sometime in October.

Here’s what I’ve learned about the new Shuffle from Apple’s iPod Shuffle page and iLounge:

  • The new Shuffle is smaller than the old one – only about an inch and a half long, almost square, and weighing half an ounce. It has a built-in clip to make it easy to attach to almost anything.
  • There is still no screen.
  • The controls are the same except that there are two switches on the back – one for power and one to switch between ordered and shuffle play.
  • It holds 1 GB and plays the same formats as the old Shuffle.
  • USB connectivity and charging are handled through the headphone jack, so a dock with an attached USB cable is required.
  • Its casing is metal, not plastic, and is designed to be more robust than the casing of the old Shuffle.
  • It comes with newly designed earbuds, which the iLounge reviewer liked.
  • It costs US$80.

These sound like some nice changes, particularly having separate power and playing order switches. The only down side is that iTunes 7.0 is required to operate the Shuffle, and there are apparently significant changes between this and the previous version of iTunes. This means Brian Hartgen will have to rework his iTunes scripts. Let’s hope this won’t bbe too difficult!


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