Bloglines Search Function Expanded

You now have more options when searching on Bloglines. You can search for posts, feeds, and citations (find out who is linking to a particular URL) as well as conducting a general web search or subscribing to an URL.

The search form still appears near the top of each Blogger page; go to the first edit field on screen to find it. First comes the edit box for typing in your search term. Next is a combo box for selecting the type of search you want. This is followed by the Search button.

Navigating search results has changed a bit since Blog On! was written. The search results section begins with a level 2 heading, but the titles of search results are now level 3 headings instead of level 2.

A nice feature is that if you conduct a search and then conduct another one, Bloglines uses the same search option for the second search as it did for the first unless you change it. So if you search for a feed and then conduct another search, Bloglines will assume you want to do another feed search.


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