Google Implements Audio CAPTCHA for Creating and Commenting on Blogger Blogs

As I suspected would happen but could not verify before Blog On! went to press, There is now an audio alternative to the visual word verification required when creating a blog at Blogger or commenting on Blogger blogs. Here’s how it works:

Below the visual verification is a link that says, “listen and type the numbers you hear.” When you click it, you may be placed automatically on the edit field where you need to type. If not, press Shift-Tab once to get there. Press Enter and type the numbers. If you need to repeat them, press tab once to return to the “Listen and type the numbers you hear” link and click it again.

It’s great to have the audio CAPTCHA option, particularly since the numbers are much easier to understand than with other audio CAPTCHA I have tried to use. I hope that an option for deafblind bloggers will soon be added as well, particularly since e-mail verification, appears to have been removed, but this is an excellent start.


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