Information to Supplement Dean Martineau’s Juice Tutorial

Dean’s Juice tutorial is a great introduction to the Juice podcatching program. If you are new to Juice, I heartily recommend it. There are a few other Juice features worth mentioning:

  • If you’d like more information about a particular podcast episode, Juice makes it easy to read its show notes, if there are any. Press Shift-F10 (the Context key will not work) while focused on a podcast episode, and choose Show Notes from the context menu that comes up. The show notes will open in your web browser. If an episode has no show notes, the Show Notes choice will not appear in the context menu.
  • Juice makes it easy to delete old podcasts. Choose Cleanup from the View menu. The page takes a while to load, but eventually you are in a combo box where you can choose a feed from which you want to delete episodes. Select the feed and tab until you reach a list of episodes. There is no easy way to determine whether episodes are checked, but when you first tab to the list, none are. Arrow up and down the list and press the Spacebar to check any episode you wish to delete. There are also Select All and Select None buttons. When you’ve checked all the episodes you wish to, tab to the Delete button and press Enter; all checked episodes will be deleted.
  • If you use any sort of iPod, you’ll be glad to know that Juice works very well with iTunes. If you choose iTunes as your player (which you do on the Players page in the Preferences dialog on the File menu), any podcast episodes you download are automatically imported into the iTunes library. A playlist is created for each feed, and all episodes in the feed are added to the playlist. The Cleanup feature removes podcasts from the iTunes library as well as from the folder where you downloaded them.

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