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New JAWS 7.0 Scripts for Audible Manager

April 3, 2006

About three weeks ago, Freedom Scientific released new scripts for Audible Manager. They work with JAWS 7.0 and a new version of Audible Manager, version You can find links to the scripts and the new version of Audible Manager as well as instructions for installing them in a technical support bulletin on the Freedom Scientific website. There are a few new Audible Manager keystrokes in the new JAWS 7.10, which is currently in public beta.

I have been playing around with these new scripts for a couple weeks now. They work quite well; Audible Manager seems more stable than it did in the past (though I was using version 3.something until now so I could use the memory card in my Otis player, so I may not be the best judge of this). There are still places where you press Enter in most programs, but have to click with your JAWS cursor using Audible Manager. Everything else works well, though. And this version of Audible Manager works fine with Window-Eyes as well. It’s nice that Audible Manager is getting easier to access with both screen readers.