Downloading Audible Content Directly into iTunes

Using a small program called Audible Download Manager, available from the Software page at, you can have Audible content, including Audible podcasts, automatically imported into iTunes, Audible Manager, or both.

The program is easy to configure. The hardest part is finding it on your computer once you’ve installed it. Go to the Start menu, type P to choose Programs or All Programs, and go to the Audible Manager submenu. One of the choices is Audible Download Manager; press Enter on this choice.

The program is simply a two-page dialog box. Most of the options are self-explanatory, but one that isn’t is that the Start Audible Manager and Start iTunes check boxes on the Audible Delivery page determine which program or programs Audible content will be imported into. Just make your changes and click the Done button. It’s nice to have such a straightforward, effective program available.


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