Better Anapod Support for Format 4 Audible Files

When I wrote The iPod Experience, you could use Anapod Explorer to transfer Format 4 Audible files to an iPod Shuffle, but your place was not saved when you turned off the Shuffle or switched to a different file and then switched back. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Format 4 files now behave just as they do if you use iTunes to transfer them. This means that when you leave the file or turn off the Shuffle, your place is almost saved. Generally, you have to rewind for about 12 seconds to get back to where you were. Occasionally, you find yourself at a previous reading position, or the bookmark disappears completely, so there is room for improvement. But the situation is definitely better than it was, and if you want to use only Format 4, you can now use Anapod Explorer instead of iTunes without losing functionality.

If you use Formats 2 or 3, however, Anapod is not a good choice. Files in these formats won’t play if you use Anapod to transfer them to the Shuffle. And any Format 2 or 3 files transferred to the Shuffle with iTunes will stop playing if you use Anapod at all. To get them to play again, you have to connect the Shuffle to your computer while iTunes is open. This will delete any content you transferred to the Shuffle using Anapod Explorer. (Before experimenting with iTunes and Anapod Explorer, open iTunes, go to the iPod page in Preferences, and make sure the “Keep this iPod in the source list” check box is checked so iTunes will keep a list of what it transferred even when the iPod is disconnected; otherwise, everything in the Shuffle will be erased when you connect the Shuffle after using Anapod.)

So the bottom line is, if you only want to play Format 4 Audible files, feel free to use Anapod, but if you want to play other formats as well, don’t use it.


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