WB-View Update

There is a new version of WB-View, the program designed for downloading books from Web-Braille and reading them on a computer with a braille display. You can read any other braile file and any ASCII text file with the program as well. In any of these files, you can move by pages using the Page-Up and Page-Down keys and set up to 10 bookmarks, and your place is saved when you close the file or program. There is a unique auto-advance feature that makes longer lines stay on the braille display longer than short lines do when you autoscroll text.

The new version, 2.0, adds the ability to search the Web-Braille collection from within WB-View. You fill in a simple form where you can enter title, author, keywords from the Notes field, or the subject. Search results appear in a list, and if you select one, all volumes are downloaded automatically to your computer.


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