Major Changes at Audible

In the past couple of months, Audible has changed their website, their membership plans, and the way in which credits work. This means that most of what I wrote about Audible in Finding eBooks is no longer accurate. The most noteworthy changes are as follows:

The website is organized very differently. There are no longer Skip links to take you to the main content on a page. There are three headings that appear on just about every page – a level 3 heading followed by two level 4 headings – and they all concern various ways of searching for books. Sometimes the main content appears before these headings, and sometimes it appears afterward. Book description pages are pretty easy to navigate because lots of level 3 headings are used, but other pages may take some trial and error. If you need help, you can join the Blind Audible Listeners mailing list and ask for suggestions.

The link above describes the new listener plans pretty well, except that it doesn’t mention the cost of the most basic plan. I believe that plan costs $9.95 per month.

Finally with the new plans, credits are handled very differently than in the past.

  • There is no differentiation between a book credit and a subscription credit, so you can use a credit to purchase any type of programming.
  • If you don’t use a credit by the end of the month and you’re on a monthly plan, it no longer disappears. You can accumulate up to 6 credits on the gold plan, and up to 12 on the platinum plan.
  • You can use credits to buy books for other people.
  • Though most books cost 1 credit, some cost more, and some short programs cost part of a credit. So check carefully before buying anything with credits.

Despite all the changes, the Audible site is still quite usable and is a great source for audio books.


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