RealPlayer and the iPod Shuffle

When I wrote The iPod Experience, I could use RealPlayer to transfer tracks to the iPod Shuffle with no problems. That changed a few months later, however; I could still transfer trakcs using RealPlayer, but doing so completely scrambled the playing order. I have tried talking with RealPlayer tech support and updating RealPlayer several times since then, but the problem remains. Today I got official word from a RealPlayer spokesman that this problem is currently insoluble. They think some change in iTunes or the iPod Shuffle firmware caused the problem, and there is currently nothing they can do about it. So you can transfer tracks to the Shuffle using RealPlayer by following the steps in my book, but if you do, your iPod will be permanently shuffled.


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    RealPlayer and the iPod Shuffle | NBP Book Updates

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    RealPlayer and the iPod Shuffle | NBP Book Updates

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